Suuri Seikkailu ja elämä nyt!

Hyppäsimme käsi kädessä! Olemme saanet aitoutta, pysähtymistä, heräämistä, hetkeä. Nyt elämme hirsiä ja pellavarivettä, banaanilaatikoita, teinejä ja taaperoa, koiranneniä ja lampaita, kaartelevia merikotkia ja huikaisevaa halua merelle.




When the time stands still on Midsummer...

These light, clear late hours of the day, when the wind goes home for the night and the next morning is almost here - I can feel summer with all my sences. Perhaps it is the magic of Midsummer or I just let go of all the worries of the world for one night.

We enjoyed the nordic Midsummer evening already yesterday when packing our boat for an over-night trip to our island Svidi. We had half an hours drive from our pier to the cliff shore where we dropped the anchor, cooked evening tea and watched the silent moments of a summer night when the sun never goes down.

The sheep that we had there every summer for five years did a good job and now the island is airy and only the ancient pines are left and strawberries, blueberries and meadows.

We followed the paths and investigated small animals of the sea, swam in the  cool water and would have stayed if not the every day tasks were waiting and the food-basket was empty - but tomorrow again if we have the weather on our side.

Tomorrow we celebrate the Midsummer Eve, raise the May pole decorated with wild flowers in the middle of our village, perhaps take few dance steps and sing the old sailor songs, taste the new potatoes and try to find nine flowers to put under the pillow - in the boat - in the evening.

Happy Midsummer!

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