Suuri Seikkailu ja elämä nyt!

Hyppäsimme käsi kädessä! Olemme saanet aitoutta, pysähtymistä, heräämistä, hetkeä. Nyt elämme hirsiä ja pellavarivettä, banaanilaatikoita, teinejä ja taaperoa, koiranneniä ja lampaita, kaartelevia merikotkia ja huikaisevaa halua merelle.




A Beach and a Boy

It is starting to feel like January with frost and snow flakes - a perfect weather for a long walk!
We were suprised by two elks that made their way with force through the bushes across the small road to the village beach. It began to feel much more exciting after that and not only the dogs were listening to every sound from the forest - until we came to the shore. 
Then it was only the sea that filled all the sences. The sound is harsh in the winter and there are all kind of other voices that are made by the frozen stones above the water, icicles building by the waves. Still, the open sea makes the air feel warmer here than in the village.

'A long walk' means provisions. Picnic sheltered by the cliffs - glögg and cinnamon rusks... 
Kopphäll Light and the fairway of our summer adventures... All winter time to plan routes and escapes!

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