Suuri Seikkailu ja elämä nyt!

Hyppäsimme käsi kädessä! Olemme saanet aitoutta, pysähtymistä, heräämistä, hetkeä. Nyt elämme hirsiä ja pellavarivettä, banaanilaatikoita, teinejä ja taaperoa, koiranneniä ja lampaita, kaartelevia merikotkia ja huikaisevaa halua merelle.




Farewell to summer sailings

Our nearby harbour Korpoström is peaceful and silent when all the summer sailors have returned to their homes. The wooden sail-boat is the most beautiful boat in our island called Framtiden, the Future.
This summer we didn't have much oppportunities to enjoy the sealife because of the busy building and a motor failure with our mumin boat. So we had her at the home pier and enjoyed picnics on the steady boat instead.

Pellas II on her way to the sea with a help of a local farmer

For longer journeys we could borrow the grand-parents' boat and were able to enjoy the waves and nesting sea-birds on our way to Aspö island.

Aspö is one the most southern islands inhabited year around in our archipelago. It is a lively fishermen-village with a guest harbour, a lovely chapel and a tiny shop during the summer. It is one of our favourites! You can buy fresh archipelago bread and smoked fished - and don't forget the tasty warm dougnuts...

A nature trail follows the cliffs and shores of Aspö and from the meadow we found these kind cows to hug and kiss...
Aspö chapel - the former was blown to the sea!
We slided to the water from the slippery cliffs and let the waves swing us. Then some fish sandwiches and home! With our boat it takes over 2 hours even if we had the wind on our back.

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  1. Aivan uskomattoman hienoja kuvia, kunhan vain antaa itselleen aikaa katsoa ne suurempana. Ja se kyllä kannattaa tehdä:)