Suuri Seikkailu ja elämä nyt!

Hyppäsimme käsi kädessä! Olemme saanet aitoutta, pysähtymistä, heräämistä, hetkeä. Nyt elämme hirsiä ja pellavarivettä, banaanilaatikoita, teinejä ja taaperoa, koiranneniä ja lampaita, kaartelevia merikotkia ja huikaisevaa halua merelle.




Our School on TV!

Tänä iltana telkkarissa MEIDÄN KOULU ja TUTTUJA, ehkä! Let's see! 

19:30 Yle Nyheter TV-nytt: Yle Nyheter TV-nytt — paikassa

During the last weeks there has been a lot of discussion about the speciality of our school on our island - or it's right to continue to be special. At our school there are actually two schools under the same roof and with a lot of common: the class-rooms, some teachers, school-yard and projects together. And in two languages! 

We have two official languages in Finland and Korppoo is a bilingual island with a majority of Swedish-speaking people - like half of my family - and many with two mother-languages. So, our children share the kinder-garten and then go to two different schools on either of the languages but side by side. They learn to see the advantage and to be tolerant, not at all a bad start for a life-long-learning!

So, this week we had reporters visiting us and interviewing how it feels to live in a continuous sea of language... We are already making pop-corn and sitting by the tv!

5th May

Our school appearance on tv wasn't yet the other night, so now we are making pop corn every evening, watching the evening news and waiting... Hopefully in the beginning of next week:) Otherwise there's no more pop corn left!

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