Suuri Seikkailu ja elämä nyt!

Hyppäsimme käsi kädessä! Olemme saanet aitoutta, pysähtymistä, heräämistä, hetkeä. Nyt elämme hirsiä ja pellavarivettä, banaanilaatikoita, teinejä ja taaperoa, koiranneniä ja lampaita, kaartelevia merikotkia ja huikaisevaa halua merelle.




Treasures of a Home

We are carring in boxes one after another - treasures that were carefully packed over two and a half years ago, almost forgotten. Now we are trying to find their places in the new home. This one has always been by my bed.

I have missed them - or more the atmosphere they spread around - of home, cosyness, memories. This is one of my treasures, we call it the Princess Cabinet and it tells you the story from the Orient, of Aladdin.
It is like watching a comic book. Three lockers , the midst behind a door build a sceen.  The snake guarding the gold and jewellery.
Who could they be? Why are they so worried?

Under the lace curtain is someone sleeping...

The Princess

This is a work of an artist from my old home-town, Stina Engvall from Kristinestad. It makes my thoughts fly...
It is said that your home is where your heart is but I believe we need to carry with us some memories and have around us some beaty to feel well, too.

What shall I find from the next box? I haven't seen my cake-forms yet either... - Stina's gallery!

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  1. Mysigt att hitta skatter...
    Och kunna ta till vara på dem och njuta av dem.